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«Волгоградский гуманитарный институт»
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Вопросы к зачету, экзамену

Вопросы для подготовки к зачету, экзамену по дисциплине
«Иностранный язык (Английский язык)»

  1. Personal presentation.
  2. English-Speaking Countries: culture and traditions
  3. British and American English.
  4. Status of English.
  5. Basic constituents of English-speaking countries economies.
  6. The US economy.
  7. The UK economy.
  8. Higher education in Great Britain.
  9. System of education in the USA.
  10. The concept of business.
  11. Corporations.
  12. Careers in business.
  13. Management.
  14. Arranging a meeting.
  15. Decision making.
  16. Marketing.
  17. Marketing research:  key players.  
  18. An accounting overview.
  19. Financial statements.
  20. Financing a company.
  21. Borrowing and lending.
  22. Forms of money.
  23. Acquisition of capital.
  24. Stocks and bonds.
  25. Computer-based information search.
  26. The Internet.
  27. Dealing with numerical data.
  28. Negotiating a price.
  29. Order processing.
  30. Language styles.
  31. A checklist for editing.
  32. Types of reports.
  33. What is a scientific paper?
  34. The formal outline.
  35. Summary and annotation.
  36. Speaking in public.
  37. Talking to people.  
  38. Private letters.
  39. Business writing.
  40. Employment.
  41. Cover letter and Resume.
«Волгоградский гуманитарный институт» (ВгГИ)

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